I just don’t want to be me.

All these girls I see are so much prettier. All the girls he used to talk to are so much better than I am. They look like their age, if not older. You know what I look like? I look like I’m 9! The pictures I take I think they look good, until I see theirs. They are just so much better. He says he likes how I look, then why doesn’t he take the time to tell me that? Why do I not get nice messages? He yells at me when I expect them. That he doesn’t have time, isn’t in the right mind, or doesn’t think of it. That he comes home to a bitching mother and upset pissy girlfriend that thinks we are falling apart every minute of the day.
One of my friends knows it bothers me so every once and awhile she sends me a long sweet message saying I’m worth everything. It makes my day and makes me want to cry, but how come it’s not the same? I got what I wanted said, why do I still feel shitty? She’s a great friend, but not the person I want to hear it from. All my friends say I’m pretty, to my face at least, all these guys say I’m hot, but why does he not? Why wont he understand that I am worth something! I’ll treat him right! I’ll never stop trying to make him happy! I will always want him. I love him. 
Do you know the feeling of someone saying I love you, but it feels like they force it out of their mouth? It just falls on the ground. It never goes to you. People don’t understand that my problem is affection. No one has been affectionate towards me in a romantic and nice way. Now that someone has, I never want to let it go. I just want more of it. He is showing less. I hate when that happens. Now I know I’m nothing. I just wish to be dead or someone else better.








Richard Speight Jr. in Pepsi Max Superbowl 2012 ad.

This is going to sound totally batshit crazy, but to me, this is just Gabriel. I can totally see him hijacking the Pepsi ad while Dean and Sam are watching the Superbowl and they’re like: GODAMNIT. And the Asian guy is an angel who’s supposed to be making sure Gabe behaves. Which is why he looks so totally lost.


(ohmygod lol)



And that smile in the last gif is just perfect. :D

If you told me this was actually from Supernatural there is no reason why wouldn’t have believed you.


don’t ever let this die